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We are NOT a



We are strategic partners, leveraging our industry know-how to position our clients as the true game-changers in the market.

It’s not just about finding candidates; it’s about sculpting a narrative that attracts the absolute best.

We’re not satisfied with good; we’re on a mission to propel our clients from good
to great.

What We Do


& Contract


100 Day money back Guarantee

(*Premium option).

Access to ‘Exclusive Candidates’

27% of candidates we work with are not on our competitors’ databases.

Hands-on Industry Experience

Our co-founder has 20 years working in tech before starting neoci. His knowledge & understanding of the sector has been a core part of our internal training programme.

Retained Search Option

This assured partnership enables us to use more committed resource internally and results in a 100% fill ratio.

Verified Candidates

We will verify every candidate via their references, prior to interview stage
(*Premium option)

Reduced Dropouts

Our Candidate Management System means less candidate drop outs. Through experience & learnings, we have implemented a process that reduces candidate drop outs by 70%.

Committed to High Standards & Continuous Development.

These align with our core values.

High level of Honesty & Ethics.

We believe this is essential for good business practice.

I highly recommend neoci as a recruitment partner, they understand our industry, the business and skills required to work for NFON. Neoci have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have consistently delivered high quality candidates that have proven to be an asset to our business.

Jon Dailey
Channel Director

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We have access to a huge network of relevant professionals and really understand what is required from the industry, so we consistently deliver to our clients.

We have a demonstrable and comprehensive understanding of the telecoms sector, combined with an already established recruitment delivery process and are now operating at a level whereby trust is established quickly with our clients.

Our combination of recruitment and telco expertise gives us the edge in a fast moving and evolving industry that relies on employee innovation to succeed.

We partner with our clients, positioning them in the marketplace to attract the right people. We aim to understand your business, job roles and people, so we can match the best talent.

Our exclusive network of relevant professionals means our clients have access to candidates they won’t find elsewhere. Using our industry knowledge, we partner with our clients, positioning them in the marketplace to attract the right people.

We’re not just in the game; we’re in it to help our clients to go from Good to Great.

We’re not about playing it safe;  we’re here to redefine the rules of the game. Our exclusive network of top-tier professionals isn’t just a network—it’s a powerhouse of talent you won’t find anywhere else.