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Our story

Successfully manoeuvring through the tech space, neoci has been instrumental in delivering highly skilled candidates to clients at the forefront of technology. Our accumulated in-depth knowledge has empowered us to expand within our niche, enabling us to branch out across the tech sector now making impactful contributions to the data science community.

A relationship spanning a lifetime

Ollie & Darrol at the age of 15, working in stock rooms, handling deliveries, and donning smart white shirts on Saturdays – complete with some truly questionable 90s haircuts!

Our friendship withstood the test of time. We navigated the party scene throughout the noughties, enduring more than our fair share of regrettable hairstyles.

Fast forward 25 years, and fate brought us back together in the professional realm. The idea had been discussed for years, but it took a while for us to take the plunge. Now, with a few kids, plenty of hangovers, and a collection of cringe-worthy haircuts in our past, we proudly introduced our joint venture: neoci

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Darrol Stevens

Director & Co-Founder

With a background
spanning over two
decades in the tech
space, I’ve gathered
insights and built a
wide network.

This experience allows me to connect effectively with tech companies seeking recruitment solutions. I’m familiar with various roles, and I find common ground with the ethos and people involved, fostering quick connections.

Teaming up with an old friend makes work enjoyable. We share an open and honest communication style, which strengthens our understanding.

Outside of work, I’m a family guy – happily married with two boys and two cats. Football is a passion, and I occasionally unwind with some gaming. It’s a good mix of professional engagement and personal fulfilment.

Ollie Benn

Director & Co-Founder

For 20 years, I’ve
been deep in the
world of telecoms
and tech, leading
business units in
both permanent
and contract

In 2021 I co-founded neoci with one of my best mates.

Back in my 20s, I traded the corporate hustle for the stage, belting out tunes as the lead singer for a signed band. Our album even hit the scene in 2010, with our debut single claiming the No.22 spot on the Rock Charts.

Fast forward to today, and it’s a different kind of chaos. Forget the rock and roll lifestyle, now it’s all about a squad of five kids and a partner with the patience of a saint. Every day is a new adventure.

Natalie Glaysher

Senior Delivery Manager

I started my career
in Beauty Therapy
and ended up “trying
out” a few different
jobs before finding
my calling in

Having progressed quickly with neoci, into my now role as Senior Delivery Manager, I truly enjoy finding and matching people to a job they will also love.

Outside of work life I enjoy making and designing cakes for family and friends’ birthdays and long walks with the husband, 2 kids and Labrador (apart from when it’s cold, no one enjoys that!)

Charlotte Smith

Delivery Specialist

My working history
has always been
client focused,
building and
providing the best
service I can.

I have always worked in frontline roles which have included Account Management, Sales, Recruitment and Beauty Therapy. I have also worked as a professional dancer which was an amazing opportunity, and which helped gain confidence, and discipline and the drive to succeed.